Getting Started with Model Train Hobby

Want A Great Hobby?

Are you looking to take up a new hobby? One that can ultimately be done both indoors and out? Why not take up a model train hobby? This is great for people to do alone, or with the family. The fun part is everyone can get involved as a family, to come up with new ideas for the display. It can be small, or big. You can have it in your basement, garage, or even in the garden.

There is nothing better than watching a child face when he comes across a model train display. You can see the sheer awe and amazement. They walk around and around to see more and more of the intricate details throughout. Don’t worry, this hobby is not on the decline like most people try to say. It is not just aging people who play with trains. More and younger people who remember their grandparent’s display are taking it on, and including their kids, and it keeps them off the video games. Statistics show, that with the new computer age, people are downloading apps to make running the trains, a snap. These are the groups of people in the age bracket of 18-34.

So, how do you get started? Most of the time, someone has been exposed to this hobby, by a relative, neighbor, or friend. You can turn to them for some expert advice on what size trains to get, and how to do your layout. if you don’t know anyone, that’s okay. There are probably thousands of sites to go to, to view layouts, seek advice, and buy merchandise. You will need to thoroughly research the types of trains, and the layouts you want to build, before ever buying anything. As you know, train displays can be tiny, medium, or large scale. Then, if you want to build an outside display, you will need weatherproof, everything.

Now you know what size, and what type you want, it’s time to buy, and or build your model train display. You can buy all kinds of trains in different sizes, along with tracks, that you can keep adding to. It is a good idea to start small so that you don’t become overwhelmed. You can buy buildings that are already constructed, or you can buy kits, that you put together and possibly paint if needed. Some people make their own patterns and build their own buildings. This is true when they are making a model of somewhere they love. This can be their hometown, favorite amusement parks, or a city that they love.
You can even build your own landscape. This is more fun than buying a plastic hill, or mountain. Get some chicken coop fencing, mold it to the shape you want, than paper mache it. This is a fun project for the kids. Nothing like spending quality time, and getting messy, but make sure to do this outside, or in a garage, as it is messy. Then you paint it, and for extra measure, attach fake grass, or moss, and even miniature trees. Sometimes, you can use real moss, or what they call,”walk on plants” that work in the shade, for indoor displays.

The possibilities are endless when having a model train hobby. Look online to see if there are any local model train hobbyists nearby. They generally meet once or twice a month and even open up their massive displays to the public. Many famous people have taken on model trains as a hobby. Frank Sinatra used to love going to his Palm Springs Compound, where he could play with his million dollar trains. He would put on his conductor’s hat, and play for hours. Walt Disney also liked model trains and built a big train, big enough for children to ride around his estate, with him as the conductor. He was genuinely a “big kid” at heart.

No matter what size or scale you decide to go with, have fun and enjoy this great hobby. Who knows, you may infect future generations of model train enthusiasts. Get started, “All Aboooooaaaarrrdd!